Game Log: A wall of fire and ice.

The party begins working to get the large group of slaves they just liberated  over the walls of the city so that they can guide them to safety.

They use a wall of ice to create a ramp over the city walls and begin moving the 50 or so people out, while defending the flow with walls of fire and physical might.
wall of ice
The team manages to keep the Kuo-Toa and Dwarves at bay long enough to get the former slaves out of the city and into the caves leading to the surface, but the trip is still a long one, and many rescued people are not very fit for travel.


In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Corey, Tony,Troy

XP Given: 2500
Notable Treasure:  none

Dinner: Hamburgers

Character status

Name Adan Kathra Cera Omedon Gydain Althaea
HP 60 88 56 29 30 10
Spells 4/1 4/2/0/1/1 0 4/2 4/3/0/1
Resources brd Insp 2 Luk 0/1 SplPnts 6
Hit Dice 5 10 7 8 7 4
Item Charges Bow 2 HealW 10 FireW 6 IceS 6


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