Game Log: The “abandoned” caves

The adventuring party begins exploring a new off shot and finds an extended area of very narrow ledges.
basaliaskThe sorceress slips and slides 60 feet below and comes face to face with a Huge Basilisk.

The team quickly comes to her aid, using dimension doors to get to the cave fool. A fierce battle progresses, with several team members coming close to being petrified. The basilisk fights fiercely and injures several party members. The sorceress uses the spell sunbeam and deals significant damage to the creature and the party finishes it off.


The team then finds what appears to be a partially inhabited section of the caves. They Send in the Bard, Cera, using the spell etherealness to explore the cave unseen. He finds 2 camps that appear to have been used very recently, but no inhabitants. He reports this back to the party, and the team ventures in to explore.

As they venture deeper they are confronted by four woman adventures who tell the party that they are here from the outer planes to kill a pit fiend.
The party offers to help, but the women tell them that if they want to help them that is fine, but they will not help with anything other than removing the Devils. The team accepts that offer.

In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Tony, Corey, Troy

Notable Treasure:  Basilisk Hide and eye

Dinner: Pierogies

Image Credits:
Michael Gauss
Dnd 5th Edition Manual

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