D&D Archetype Review: Champion

The Champion archetype is for the fighter who just wants to hit things, and does not need a lot of special abilities to do it.
It hearkens back to the classic 2nd edition fighter. No tricks, japes or tomfoolery to remember.

You get better critical hits, some bonuses to physical activities, another fighting style, and regeneration at level 18.

Our fighter, Kathra, uses this archetype because her player is the type that does not want to bother with other things. She wants to swing her axe and make people hurt, and this archetype helps her do that.


Lets break it down a bit.

You get 2 critical hit bonuses,and as 5th edition does not have many other sources of a better critical hit, this is pretty cool. A 3 in 20 chance to crit every time you swing, combined with all the extra attacks a fighter gets means you will probably crit pretty often. Very Nice.

Remarkable Athlete lets you add half your proficiency check to anything not already using it and lets you jump father. Not to bad, lets you get a few skill bonuses, maybe to help you sneak not so horrible in your full plate and 22 weapons clanking around.

The additional fighting style is decent and gives you a few other options to mess with but by 10th level you probably have your groove down and are not apt to change it.

Survivor is an awesome ability, but you get it kind of late in the character’s progression to so that lowers it down a few pegs. It is still awesome, just not as super awesome if you got it at say… level 4 or 5

Final thoughts, TL;DR: Champion is the fighter class for the people who like to keep it simple. Stick the pointy end in the bad guy. Champions do this pretty darn well.

Champion Final Rating: B. has some okay abilities and the simplicity is just what some players are looking for. If that Survivor ability  was given to you about 10 level sooner, it would A- material.


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