Class Feature Review: Cunning Action

Cunning action allows the Rouge to take a bonus Hide, Dash or Disengage action on each of their turns.

This can be pretty useful and the way I have allowed our rouge to use it is even more so.

Our rouge is an Arcane trickster who likes to use range attack but remain as hidden as possible.
I am a “Nice DM”™ and allow the character to hide after attacking, though the enemy does get advantage on spotting where they went and they are not allowed to hide if there are enemies actively engaged with them.

Adding the Skulker Feat really enhances this option as well.

This does make the ability a bit more powerful I imagine, but she is a halfling, so has the Naturally Stealthy racial ability that helps, and we have been in caves with rocks, stalactites and stuff to make it easier.


Final thoughts, TL;DR: Cunning Action as written it is still a pretty useful ability that allows for the mobility and sneakiness a rouge needs. If you are a more leiniet DM, the rouge can totaly abuse the hiding to the max. Add the halfling Natrually Stealthy and the Suklker Feat for maximum effect.

Cunning Action Final Rating: B, Pretty Decent and can stack to be very useful.



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