Class Feature Review: Pact Boon


Pact Boon is one of the three options that a warlock gets at level three. The options are Pact of Tome, Pact of the Chain, or Pact of the Blade. What one is the best to get? Are there any worthless ones? Lets take a look.

Pact of the Tome at it’s base allows you to get 3 more cantrips from any class. Given the power bump cantrips got compared to 3rd edition, this is a fairly decent ability as there are quite a few useful cantrips of all types from damage to heal to utility.
This is comparable to the other two powers. I really like the Pact of Blade power though, pretty cool with the signature weapon you can make an okay melee fighter. Pact of Chain is only okay to me as I have never been a super familiar fan. I like them but not something my wizard ALWAYS gets or cares about.

What really starts to set these powers apart are the upgrades you get as part of the Eldritch Invocations.  Pact of the book gets the ability to cast rituals from the book, a pretty handy thing seeing as the warlock’s spell collection is normally pretty small and this allows for a good chunk of utility spells.  Because of the ability to keep adding spells, this is the only pact ability with no other upgrades.

Pact of Chain starts to get more powerful with upgrades, allowing you better communication with your familiar, and letting you hold monster on outer planes things. Still the weakest of the three in my opinion.

Pact of Blade enhances your summoned weapon, having it deal bonus damage with Lifedrinker, and getting a second attack with Thirsting Blade.  Both good if you want to make a better melee caster hybrid.

Final thoughts, TL;DR: Pact Boon is a cool power, with my personal choice being Pact of Tome. If I was going to make a melee caster I would probably pick a different class with a caster Archetype. I find Pact of Chain forgettable.

Pact Boon Final Rating: A for Pact of tome, B for Pact of Blade and a D for Pact of Chain, sorry familiars are just not my thing. If you LOVE familiars, would upgrade it to about a C+

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