Crawl Makes Me Recall A GameCube Classic

I have been playing the game Crawl on steam. If you do not know what it is, here are the basics:
There is no current online multiplay for the game, but great local co-op action. You and up to 3 other people/AI are prisoners in a dungeon.


To escape you need to raise your character to level 10, and beat the dungeon boss. Along the way, you can gather gear and skills to help you. Ah but the catch is, only one player can make it out. In the first room, the players duel for who starts as “human”. Everyone else is a ghost who follows the human. In each room, the ghosts can summon and possess monsters, control traps, and throw objects at the human. The Human can not leave the room as long as any monsters still live. The ghost who lands the killing blow becomes the active human, the dead human becomes a ghost, and the process continues until someone wins. Dying on the boss closes the current portal and kicks everyone out of the boss room.



Pac-Man Vs TV view

This game reminds me very much of a GameCube game Pac-Man Vs. In this game, 3 players played on the tv screen as ghosts with only a limited view of the maze. A fourth


player had a Gameboy advanced attached to the game cube and their screen has what appears to just be a basic Pac-Man game, just with only 3 ghosts. The object of the game is to reach a point cap. You can only score points as Pac-man. To take over as Pac-Man, you have to be the ghost to kill him. It was a simple but very fun game that, as you can see, appears to have much of the core concept with Crawl.

This is not a bad thing, building on the past to take a fun idea and make a great game, and Crawl, even without online is a great game that my group and I have already had many hours of fun working togeather and against each other to win the game. Crawl reminds me of Pac-Man Vs. and this is a great thing.

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