D&D Spell Review: Cloudkill

Cloudkill is another iconic spell that has been around from the early days of Dungeons and Dragons.
In the early editions, if you had less than 5 or 6 hit dice, it just killed you if you failed the save However,¬†with less instant death in more recent editions of the D&D rules, it ‘just’ does 5d8 damage(con save for half and scales with higher spell slots) in a 20 foot radius… every round you are stuck in it… and it lasts for 10 minutes.


The one thing to consider when casing is the whole drifting 10 feet a round, making sure it does not drift right into allies or loved ones, but wizards are supposed to be smart enough to remember that, right?

Final thoughts, TL;DR:
Cloudkill is a very good. Strong damage, scales with level sticks around and with some smart application is super effective. Plus it is a spell that does not rely on dex saves for some versatility. It is a great area kill spell and does fantastic damage, just be careful of friends, pets, loved ones and anything living.
Cloudkill Final Rating: A. Extra Awesome.

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