D&D Spell Review: Eyebite

Eyebite is a powerful 6th level spell that I notice many players overlook for “flashier” things such as chain lightning, disintegrate or wall of ice, but that would be to their loss. Eyebite is a versatile and powerful spell that has many uses.

For starters, you can use it for pretty much every turn on most fights as it has a minute duration.  It also has three different effects you can use. All three do something to incapacitate the target, but do it in different ways.

You can make the target sleep until awoken normally, can make them sick so they are at a disadvantage on pretty much everything, or you can make the target become terrified of you.  This means you can capture foe, drive the enemy off or make easier to defeat them at your choice. Very nice.

The save on this spell is wisdom, so can help get rid of most standard beefy targets that tend to lack a much of a bonus on wisdom saves rather than the straight damage dex and con type saves they would normally be better at.

The spell is concentration based, so that is one factor to consider, and once a foe makes a save against it, they can not be affected again making it not so useful in one on one encounters. One save and it is done.  This is the same with many spells though, so it is not too much of a detriment to it.

Overall, I like Eyebite and it is great for warlocks as it lasts for the whole combat and warlocks tend to have a more limited per encounter spell payload. It works well for bards as well as they tend to focus not so much on damage as utility for spells. That is not to say it is not great for a wizard. Pretty much any class that can pick this spell, I would say get it.


Final thoughts, TL;DR:

Eyebite is a solid level 6 spell for any class that can get it.

Eyebite Final Rating:  A

It is creepy eyed sweetness.



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