Dungeons and Dragons Game Log: Exploring A Crypt.

The Dungeons and Dragons party heads for a part of the cave that is said to house an old Crypt that might have magical items that they could use.The entrance ends up being 20 feed up from the floor of the cave, but with some basic Dimension door with a rope action, the team is all inside.

The rouge takes point and they quickly find a trap that has a corpse with what looks like gold, however spikes would shoot out at anyone touching the corpse.
The second trap has A hinged floor with a pit of spikes. The rouge fails to notice it,but manages to avoid falling in.
lichThe third trap as a collapsible ceiling, which the team avoids.

The group finally makes it into the tomb, and a lich rises out of the casket.

The sorceress calls out the fact that it is an illusion, and the team finds the long searched for Jenneth. She is the woman that they were originally asked to look for and was a major start to this whole quest.

Jenneth refuses to return to the surface but will stay at the team’s base camp until the final assault so she can get her revenge.  She has picked up a number of thief skills to complement her magic, and while not on par with the party, will be a worthwhile companion.

The tomb contains a magic bow, a magic set of scale armor, a magic dagger, and a magic longsword.


In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Tony, Corey, Troy

Dinner: Tacos

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