Game Log: Gathering Allies

The D&D team has spend the last few sessions gathering allies for the final assault on the aboleth city of Great Shaboath.

They recruit a group of women adventures looking to kill a pit fiend, as well as a group of Mind Flayers who want to stop the aboleth who are secretly controlling their Mind Flayer Companions into trying to control the world.

A contract with the Mind Flayers is drawn up, and the party as well as the mind flayers swear to several higher powers to uphold it.

Once the contract is signed, the Mind Flayers share information about the recon they have done at the city of Great Shaboath.
There are 5 towers being constructed to extend the aboleth Domination field out to 100s of miles, and spellcasters are being sacrificed as part of the evil necromantic magics going into the construction of the towers.

The team is given a crystal to communicate with the Mind Flayers to give and receive information about the upcoming assault.


In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Tony, Corey, Troy

Dinner: Hamburgers

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