eldritch blast

D&D Spell Review: Eldritch Blast

Eldritch blast is a very good 0-level spell that is only on the warlock spell list and is very good. It has a 1d10 damage, with increases as the character levels, and uses an attack roll. Some people do not like the fact you need to roll, but my view is, it is a magic attack so my
character should be good at it, plus, critical hits!
eldritch blastAlso, it is force, so less things are immune or resistant to it that the standard threesome of fire, ice and electric, so there is that as well.
I suggest it as the go to damage spell for 0 level if available. I strongly suggest it for most

bard builds that get extra cantrips, and for warlocks it is even better with the different modifiers you can get for it.
All around Great 0 level spell!


Final thoughts, TL;DR:
Eldritch Blast is just about one of the best 0 level damage spells. 1d10 and can land critical hits.

Eldritch Blast Final Rating: A, Solid Goodness!


Image Credits:Arena of War, Nexusmods.com

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