Sunless Sea

Dungeons and Dragons Game Log: High Adventure On the Sunless Sea

The Dungeons and Dragons party has finished exploring the coast of the Sunless Sea, and set up a valid and defensible base of operations. Having also procured a boat, they begin to explore the various Islands on the Sunless sea, looking for more information about the city that they will make a final assault on, as well as allies and weapons to aid in the venture.

trapd4The group ventures first to the closest island to the shore according to their map. The island is mostly deserted and a small cluster of ruined buildings appear to be the only thing there, but further inspection reveals a well kept trap door and the party descends.
Inside they are attack by an invisible stalker and the Sorceress takes the brunt of the damage. It appears this stalker is enhanced from the normal variety, but the team overcomes it.
magic-mouth1The Dungeons and Dragons team then approach a door that when opened, has a magic mouth triggered on it to start screaming that there are intruders, and the party is attacked by two more Invisible Stalkers. The team manages to dispatch them and continue on.
After avoiding a pit fall trap, the Dungeons and Dragons group is confronted by a hallway that never ends. The Bard dispels the enchantment on the hall and they continue to a final room occupied by a wizard and two more invisible stalkers. It appears the wizard has been enhancing the stalkers, and during the fight, she summons two more. The team defeats the adversary but before they can capture or finish her off, the wizard’s contingency spell triggers and she is teleported away. The party got what little loot there was, mostly some mage scrolls including a ritual for the water breathing spell, and continued on their way.
The next stop for the team was to investigate a sunken city that supposedly had strange and exciting treasure. Luckily they had just recently gotten the water breathing spell. They striped down for a trip underwater, got some magic light sources and headed into the depths.
krakenAt first the only things the group found were old ruins and giant eels. Things took a turn for the worse as they then found a Kraken. After a prolonged battle, that also included an attack by a megaladon, the team manage to pull out a win. After a bit more exploring, the group found a treasure cove that was guarded by a banshee.
The Banshee’s wail instantly incapacitated the rouge and the sorceres, but the bard was able to save them. The fight was short and brutal. The victorious adventurers managed to find a few magical arms and armors and used magic to get the items and themselves back to the surface.
After a quick pit-stop to the fortress, where the sorceress and ranger decide to stay behind for a few adventures, the party heads back out to a location marked “Isle of Maddness”. When the group arrives, they discover a bunch of crazed Kuo-Toa making sacrifices to a large stone. As the group approached the stone, they felt a wave of madness nearly overcome them, but they all managed to fight it off. The Kou-Toa came to the crazed defense of their stone idle, and the team was forced to fight their way back to their boat to sail on to new adventures.


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