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Dungeons and Dragons Feat Review: Lightly Armored

Light armor lightly armoredThe Dungeons and Dragons Feat, Lightly Armored is undoubtedly a very niche feat. With only a few classes actually needing to take it. It does offer a stat boost to Strength or Dex,
but so does taking the Ability Score option instead of a feat.
Additionally, there are only three classes that can not wear light armor, Monk, Sorcerer and Wizard, and all three have other options or reasons to not wear it. Either with extra armor sources or the mage armor spell.  Both of these options are better choices in my book.
The only two really acceptable reasons I can see to take this feat is either it fits in with your backstory/theme/build of the character, or you find a bit of super over powered light armor you just can not live without.

I have heard of house rules that limit the number of times you can take an ability score increase, so in this case there is the extra stat point the feet gives you.

Final thoughts On Lightly Armored

TL;DR: Not really useful save for VERY niche cases.
Lucky Final Rating: D- Very limited use.


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