Feat Review: Alert

The alert feat gives a few benefits, the main one being the +5 to initiative.
Is that enough to make it better than a bump in stats. Lets take a look.

What does alert give you? +5 Initiative, can not be surprised, and hidden people do not get an advantage attacking you.

The +5 initiative is pretty good as there are not a lot of things that raise initiative and this is a pretty big bump. However, initiative is not really that important after the first round of combat unless you have some other ability that plays off it.

Not being surprised and help against hidden attackers kind of depends on the style of game, and what the Dungeon Master likes to do. If your DM is the kind of person that uses this mechanic a lot then it might be worth it.

Is it better than stats? Kind of subjective. If you have a stat your class or character uses needing a bump, and you don’t Really really need the +5 initiative, or if your party is ALWAYS being surprised and dealing with hidden enemies, I would say probably not.

Final thoughts, TL;DR: Alert is an okay feat if looking for an initiative bump, but for the most part if it is this or bumping up stats, go with the stats.


Alert Final Rating: C+ :Has it’s uses.

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