Feat Review: Skulker



The Skulker feat is for those sneaky characters, so mostly Rouges, some bards and rangers, but any character could be built around stealth to decent effectiveness.
It does have a prerequiste dexterity, but as a stealth character, you should have a dex much higher than the prereq.

One of the important parts of it that the Rouge in our party uses to great effect is the don’t give up hiding if you miss. Very handy for sniper sneak attack rouges.

I also give her a bit more leeway in hiding while in combat because of the second ability where you can hide when lightly obscured. This can also be usefully for a thievery based rouge, or non -wood elf  character in the woods. This also means you can hide in dim light as you are lightly obscured then as well.

The final ability, dim light is extra usefully the dark vision races that treat darkness as low-light. For non dark vision races it is still useful, just not as handy as you need some kind of light.

Final thoughts, TL;DR: The Skulker feat is fairly usefull if you plan to build a character around sneaking. If you do not plan to sneak quite a bit, the stats or another feat are obviously a better choice.

Cunning Action Final Rating: C+, Good for a build that plans on using it, but not a feat every character could use.

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