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Friday Flashback: Friday the 13th (NES)

So the new Friday the 13th game is out and I like it a lot. It pretty much has nothing in common with this game other that the theme and the fact that I like both games quite a bit, but the overall consensus from the world is these games are both okay at best with most agreeing this is another case of LJN crap.

friday the 13thThis games as a side scroller action/horror type game where you play as camp counselors trying to keep yourself and the kids of the camp alive long enough to kill Jason, the maniac terrorizing Camp Crystal Lake. Each Counselor has a bit different stats, some jumping higher, some throwing items faster, others running faster or rowing the boats more quickly.Mark and Chrissy are the defacto best counselors.Both are the fastest and Jump the Highest.  The counselors start with a rock that has an arc to it making it pretty frustrating to use. You quickly get a dagger that flies straight luckily and eventually get other weapons like torches, machetes and an axe and the all mighty Pitchfork.

The goal of the game is to reduce Jason’s life bar to 0 three times before all your counselors die, or all the kids are killed. In addition to Jason, there are zombies(?!) wolves and other animals to deal with. You can go into the woods and fight Jason’s Mother’s Flying head as well to get her sweater as armor on day 2 or the strongest weapon in the game, the pitchfork on day three.pitchfork on day three.

Controlwise, the game is acceptable. Nothing feels laggy or uncontrollable. The rock throwing in an arc is kind of annoying but manageable. The “punchout” type settings when you fight Jason in the cabins can sometimes be a bit strange, but nothing really bad.

friday the 13thThere are a few odd design choices to me.One odd choice in the that is rather annoying is how you get around on the map. It is a circular path and going one direction on the screen always goes clockwise around the map, the other way is counterclockwise. Even if it seems like the cabin is just to your left on the map, sometimes you need to go right.  Another is the other monsters.I can maybe see wild animals and critters to fight… but zombies and flying undead Mother heads are just strange though.

The graphics are decent. The characters and enemies are identifiable, though Jason does look a bit strange in a purple track suit.friday the 13thMaybe this version is from the Ukraine or something.  Sound wise the music is a bit repetitive, but I guess that does lull you into a groove so that when Jason attacks (complete with loud “whoosh”) it can startle you. The jump noise is kinda strange and it can also get annoying with the constant warning beep when Jason is attacking someone in a cabin.

Overall, I admit I like this game. I have beaten it several times after a year or two of trying when I got it for my NES as a kid, and recently beat it again when I saw an Angry Video Game Nerd episode on it. I know it has flaws, but my NES nostalgia glasses are pretty thick, and I just genuinely like the game. It is challenging but not impossible, it has some fun jump scares and is just a fun time for me.

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