Friday Flashback: NES Rygar

rygarRygar was an arcade game ported the NES in 1987. It sticks out in my mind for several reasons. Firstly, I like it. Secondly, it was the first NES game I left my Nintendo on overnight to beat. It was kind of long and had no password or save system! I still remember getting it from a garage sale for $15 Dollars.

The basics of the game are you run around in either side scroller or top down depending on the area, killing enemies and gaining items to finish your quest. An evil being Ligar has taken over the land of Argool, and you play Rygar, a dead warrior who has risen from his grave to use his Discarmor to stop him. Discarmor is basically a shield on a chain you whip around. As you kill enemies you can level up and get more health and attack power. You need to find five gods who give you items needed to get to the boss’ sky castle and defeat him.rygar

The controls for Rygar are decent. Nothing feels to floaty or overly inaccurate, and any jumps seem fair and decent enough. You can attack, jump and use items easily in the game with not problems. The hitboxes seem fair and there was not a particular time I felt that I should have hit an enemy and it didn’t register.rygar



The interface is basic but does its job. Health is shown on screen and the inventory screen shows items and
level up options. Rygar  graphically is a bit on the red/brown side, but everything is identifiable and the characters and enemies are large and decent looking.



The sound works okay, but is nothing special. There is some music that can get a bit repetitive, and the sound effects do a passable job. Nothing stellar here, but at least nothing horrible either.


Overall I really like this game. Yea there are things that could be better and a password or save would be super great, but it is fun, solid and one of my favorite NES games for sure. It is also one that few of my friends or siblings growing up beat, so that made me the cool guy, right?



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