Game Log: Battle with the Lich

Party figures out they need to split up to get the large door open as they will have to closelich udon all the grates they just opened using the levers there.

The Fighter and Bard stay at the large stone doors and the Bard casts greater invisibility to hid himself.


The sorcerer goes to door 1, the rouge to door 2, ranger to door 3 with the rope of climbing to help avoid the traps,and the warlock to door 4

The team all pull the switches which causes them to be get trapped with undead in the rooms coming back to life in the first, second and fourth rooms as the grating blocking their path before comes back down.

Meanwhile, Kathra and Cera see into the large room to see it has more minor undead, as well as a Lich and Death Knight. The back of the room has more leavers and the bard assumes they will open the grates for the party to come to help them and he  runs back to try and pull the switches while invisible. The Fighter chooses to charge the undead to distract them.

The rest of the group works on either finishing undead, or getting back to safety from the numbing agent trap in the Ranger’s case.

In the larger room battle, the lich causes the fighter to run in terror, and the Bard’s invisibility is dispelled  when the death knight notices the ranger’s lever being pulled.
The bard pulls the warlock’s switch while getting beat on by a few undead and once the switch is pulled, he uses dimension door to pull out to the hallway.

death knightThe team regroups as the bard uses inspire to help the fighter make her save against the terror, and the bard uses mass heal, and they then charge in and start fighting to distract the undead while the bard dimension door’s back to pull the last 2 switch, letting the rouge and Sorcerer start heading to the fight.

The antiseptic trap slows the ranger down some, but the party manages to dispatch the lower undead and fights with the Undead Knight and Lich.The lich manages to power word stun the warlock but it only lasts for one round.The Death Knight uses his fireball power but the party manages to survive against it and the adventures win out against their foes.
The team The gnomes thank them and the party gets a well deserved rest while getting ready for their second strike on the City of the Glass Pool


In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Corey, Tony

Notable Treasure:  two-handed sword of necrosis

Dinner: Tacos

Character status
Fully Rested


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