Game Log: Fire Giant Bosses

After crossing a chasm with a river of lava at the bottom of a 100 foot drop, the party finds Fire Giantthemselves facing down the Fire Giant encampment leadership. Including a witchdoctor, the leader, and 4 elite giant fighters.

The team did not have time to rest from previous fights and is fairly depleted of spells and hit points. .

Using what resources they have, they attempt to take out the spell-caster first.

The leader uses a giant scoop and throws lava from a pool behind him at the party, hitting the ranger and bringing him down.

The Bard works to keep the party standing and after a long battle of attrition, the party prevails and takes a rest to review the loot that was dropped.


In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Tony, Corey

Notable Treasure:  Gold and items to be identified.

Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie


Image Credit: Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, 5th Edition

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