Game Log: Investigating the Haunted Crypt

The group agrees to deal with the undead problem in the crypt in exchange for the Gnomes taking in the refugees from the City of the Glass pool and are lead to the doors.

As the party enters, the Gnomes seal the doors, telling the team that until the evil that is causing the undead is defeated, they can not open the doors again.

undeadThe party presses on and quickly comes to a gate blocking the hall , with a side room full of sarcophagi.  At the back of the room is a leaver. As the party approched the lever, undead sprang into action and attacked the party. Once the undead were dispatched, the group pulled the leaver. The end of the handle began to glow red and the gate rose.

Moving on, the party encountered the same scenario again, Grate and room with a pull switch. After killing more undead, the ranger pulled the lever and felt a jab as a needle trap went off. This time the handle glowed with a purple light.


After a 90 degree right turn , blocked by another grate, the team went into a room that was a large loop with a switch at the far end. As the switch was pulled, glowed green and the floor fell away and the party fell 30 feet into a pit. The pit began to fill with a viscous clear liquid and the group quickly climbed or used spells to leave the pit.

The fourth room  lay beyond another 90 degree right turn and was much like the first two, with the switch glowing blue once the undead were removed.

The party then followed the corridor to a dead end with a huge stone door.
next to the door were 4 dim gems in the colors of red, purple, green and blue.

The game ended here while the party pondered their next steps.

In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Corey, Tony

XP Given: 2000
Notable Treasure:  none

Dinner: Chicken Wings

Character status

Name Adan Kathra Cera Omedon Gydain Althaea
HP 85 90 63 82 72 19
Spells 4/3/2 4/2/0/1/1 2 4/3 4/3/3/3/1
Resources brd Insp 1 Luk 0/1 SplPnts 6
Hit Dice 10 11 10 11 10 9
Item Charges Bow 6 HealW 10 FireW 10 IceS 10


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