Game Log: Giants and Worms!

The team started the night by running  into a group of goblins and quickly dispatching. Shortly after the were met by an overhead attack from a Lurker.The lurker spend some time Lurkerwrapped around the Cleric, but the team was eventually victorious.

The party then found itself in an area that was marked on their map as a place with oozes, slimes and band things and came to a  submerged path. It was decided that the Halfling equipped with a potion of water breathing. This turned out be be a mistake as she was paralyzed by some crystal slimes while under water.
The party eventually went after her and the group managed to save her from a watery grave.

About this time, he party managed to pick up a sorcerer played by Corey and replacing the Cleric’s character slot.
The party Pressed onward in the area, looking for more trouble, but only found a note from an old gnome who ran screaming from them when they first met. He offered the page from a journal in hopes the party would leave him alone(Handout 16).

stone_giant_with_rockThe party assessed the situation and looked at their map (Handout 12) and decided to try and help the Gnomes deal with the Deep Dwarves who have long plagued them.

As they resolved this, a Stone giant lumbered by and engaged the party in a fight. The combat was short and fierce with the giant subdued a Kathra heavily contemplating using the giants club as a weapon, but decided she was too attached to her axe.
The next set of caves proved to be dangerous. Marked as “worm holes” on the map, the large caves were littered with 10 foot off shoots at various angles and locations.

After a mile of these strange holes, it was made clear what had made them when a huge purple worm attacked.
The battle was long and hard fought, with Kathra going down to the worms poison and bothpurple worm Omedon and Adan being swallowed at one point.
Cera made use of his recently acquired Lighting bolts to help turn the tide of battle and the party managed to defeat the work and quickly made their way out of the area.

Once clear of the worm’s domain they decided to rest, but that rest was cut short as five ogres approached the party with menace in their eyes. Even though the party was badly wounded and exhausted from the fight with the worm, they were able to quickly dispatch the ogre threat and earned a much deserved rest.


In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Troy(via Skype), Tony, Corey

XP Given: 1100 per character (550 for absent players)
Notable Treasure: Nothing of Note.

Dinner: Roast Beef and Veggies

Character status

Name Adan Kathra Cera Omedon Gydain Sorcerer
HP 40 58 36 44 43 25
Spells 4/3/3 4/3/3 2 4/2 4/3/2
Luck 2/1
Other BI 2  – SP 5
Hit Dice 5 7 6 7 7 5


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