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James Plays Monster Hunter World

I played some of the Monster Hunter World beta and I am pretty impressed. If you dont know what Monster Hunter is here is the overview. The games are action role-playing games where you are a hunter fighting or capturing large monsters. There are free roam and quests depending on the situation, and you hunt monsters and gather resources. You use the resources you gather or take from monsters to craft new and better gear to hunt even bigger cooler monsters. The same cool monsters you were probably running from early in the game.

The combat this time is smoother than the previous incarnations of the game and even big weapons feel good and flow well when fighting. The load between zones is also gone, so you can properly chase a monster as it runs from area to area without that disjointed loading in the way. Multiplayer co-op has always been a big part of the game and the multiplayer was seamless here as well. Start in camp, meet up, find monsters. Voice chat worked well and everything went great.

The addition of the slinger in easy access is great. With different effects and tricks depending on what ammo you have makes for a great addition to the game.
I used the longsword and was pleasantly surprised. In the other games, I tended to stick to the sword and shield, or the dual blades as other weapons felt kind of clunky, but this time, the long sword was slower, but moved in a more fluid manner that made it more satisfying to use and it could be my new goto weapon in the live game.

Overall I liked my time and will definitely be playing and posting some more about it when it releases in January!

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