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Mobile Monday: Mega Man Zero (GBA)

I have recently been discovering and rediscovering some great Game Boy Advance games. This time I am looking at the first of a multi game series on gameboy that also was recently released as a pack on the 3ds, Mega Man Zero.

The game is set about a century after the Mega ManZero games, and Zero is awakened from stasis and joins the fight with other reploids to survive extinction. The game is different than other Mega Man games in that it adds several RPG-esqu elements to it.Zero mega man zero ingamegains experience and power from killing enemies, not just from killing bosses. He can also equip items that give him different abilities and powers. The game also has a basic over-world system as well that connects most of the game’s levels and the over-world has other characters to talk to, buy items from and interact with.


The controls are very good. Everything feels accurate and smooth with the shooting, slashing running and jumping. It never feels to loose or rigid, and the jumping while sometimes difficult,never feels like you have to be pixel perfect.

The interface works, though the inventory screen feels a mega man zero interfacelittle bit simple, but is not to bad. The in game action and switching weapons works well though, having what you would expect from a Mega Man game with the life bar and current load out. The overall  game graphics are good. This game is a good example of how bright and colorful the Game Boy advance is. With big, colorful sprites and nice backgrounds and effects. No complaints here.

Sound-wise the game is nice enough. The music is usual the Mega Man high action fare, and the sound effects are clean and Identifiable. A solid outing there.

Mega Man Zero is a great game, both as a Mega Man game, and in general. The setting is interesting, the design is nice and the game play and system are a lot of fun. I will defiantly be playing further in the series.

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