Mobile Monday: Bit Heroes (iOS)

Bit heroes is a dungeon crawler from Kongregate on mobile phones, adapted from a web based game of the same name as many Kongregate games are. In this game you are an explorer going through dungeons, getting loot and pets. There is a social center where you can interact with other players, and if you choose, you can have the game automate and it will explore the entire dungeon while you watch.

bit heroesThe fights are much like final fantasy with turn based combat choosing from abilities and taking turns fighting enemies. Your party is made up of your character, and monsters you have gained as pets to fight with you.

There are social aspects to the game, such as PVP as well as raids where a team of 5 must navigate through a dungeon fighting pairs of difficult enemies before reaching and defeating the final raid boss. There is also a guild system as well where up to 20 players can be part of a guild and coordinate activities and team up.

The controls are basic, click and move. It does what expected.  As it is a touch based mobile game, the interface is key, and while I feel like some of the objects are slightly too small on my iPhone 6, it is manageable.

As for the art and sound, the graphics are a fun retro style that is all the rage right now, but the objects, enemies, and characters are bright and clear with the only real complaint is the dungeon background is kind of repetitive.Soundwise, it does the job, no over the top orchestra or anything, but passable sound effects.

Overall this is a decent little time waster. You can grind it semi-autonomously if you like, or explore and fight actively, and there are some fun social aspects as well.

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