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Mobile Monday – Metroid: Zero Mission

Recently I have been looking at some games that I missed from the previous generation or so and I came across quite a few games on the Gameboy advance that I overlooked or just didn’t have time for. One particular gem is Metroid: Zero Mission.

I originally brushed it off as pretty much just a graphical update to the original Metroid on the NES. I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised at how wrong I was.

Metroid: Zero Mission is more of a re imagining than a remake, with new items, abilities and areas. The map resembles the original, but expanded and modified to suit the new elements. Super Missiles, Super Bombs, and a Map from Super Metroid are the biggest noticeable additions to the game, and they are welcome and add new dimensions.
The story is as it was in the first Metroid to start. You are bounty hunter Samas Aran and you are going to the planet to deal with space pirates to get back the Samples of Metroid they stole. You gain power-ups, kill 2 bosses to open the path to the main boss, Mother Brain. On the way to Mother Brain you find the Metroid creatures you were searching for. This is where the original game would end, but this game takes it further and includes stealth mechanics as you explore the world further.
The controls of Metroid: Zero Mission are good, I had no issues with them for the most part. Being able to toggle the missiles on or off without having to hold the shoulder button is my one wish. Other than that, the controls are responsive and easy to use.metroid: zero mission
The interface is as expected, required information is on the screen, and the start menu hasĀ a app, as well as information on the different upgrades you gain. Nothing spectacular, but no real complaints either.
The Graphics are very good. I am continually surprised at how good the Game Boy Advanced games look. Bright colors pop on the screen, and the enemies and other objects are identifiable and look good. There are also basic cut scenes in the game to help tell the story.
The sound and music in the game is great as well. Original tracks and sounds are there, remixed and upgraded, but still very identifiable. The sound makes the stressful moments feel stressful, and the epic moments feel more grand.

Overall this is a fantastic game and a good entry into the Metroid series. It clocks in at about 4 to 5 hours for a basic run, much longer if you want to get all items and explore. A great game that makes me want a dedicated stealth game in the same vein as the later parts of this game.

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