west of loathing

Mobile Monday: West of Loathing (steam now, iOS soonish)

So for mobile Monday, I picked a game that is not exactly on mobile yet, but it will be soon and I have so much fun with it, I could not wait. West of Loathing.

Made by the guys behind the web game Kingdom of Loathing  (check it out if you haven’t and like webby so many turns a day kind of games with a load of humor), West of Loathing is jam packed with stick figures, ridiculous jokes, funny walks and stepping in poo.

west of loathing

The overall gameplay is a basic walk around and talk to people, find junk, and fight in turn based combat RPG. Nothing particularly special or different and honestly a bit basic to be honest. The real charm is the strange setting and writing of the game. Pretty much every character or item interaction is silly and thematic and left me smiling and laughing the whole time. west of loathing
You start on your parent’s farm and have to choose between the classes of Cow Puncher(emphasis on the punching) Bean slinger(cooks are magic), or Snake Oiler(alchemist gunfighter snake handler). From there you head to the tutorial town, do some quests, get a horse and adventure into the wider world that is “The West”. Along the way you talk to silly people, do silly things, and get into silly troubles. The rest of the game as far as graphics and sound really do not matter, the controls work and the wit and fun of the writing makes this game, but to cover it all let’s go into the art and sound.

west of loathing

The graphics are your basic stick figures and simple backgrounds. While simply done, it fits together nicely and well with the overall theme.  The sound is also basic, but works. In the end, the basic nature of the sound and graphics become part of the silly humor.

I like West of Loathing a lot. As I mentioned, it had me laughing the whole time, and there is enough going on with the story and writing to keep me interested. Be sure to keep checking your bookshelf in your room when you start for the book that teaches you funny walks. That alone is worth a good bit of comedy.  Overall, everything about West of Loathing is put together to be fun. The art and sound fit with the setting and fun humor. The combat can drag a bit sometimes, but nothing too bad. If you like silly humor that is full of wit, puns and crazy, you should try this game out. I love it.



The Trailer!

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