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Mobile Mondays: Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is my go to click time waster on my phone. It is one of a group of games that was originally released on Kongregate that migrated to phones. It was original released in 2015.
Realm Grinder puts you in the role of a  monarch, managing production in order to create a large, powerful Realm.realm grinderThe game belongs to the incremental idle/click genre, meaning you will have to click buy buildings, upgrades, cast spells and make other strategic choices with the ultimate goal of gaining more, more and more. Real Grinder will  also continue to gain money while offline as you buy more and more.  As your upgrades begin to outpace your production, you can reset, keeping an item you have accumulated called gems that will increase your production the next time, for you to gain a bit more, to reset to gain faster for a bit more, to infinity.

Realm Grinder gives a significant level of re-playability by giving the player choices that can entirely change the play-style. Neutral, good and evil, as well as the different factions in good, neutral, and evil have different bonuses and ways to best make money.  You will be given goals, and to reach these goals, the choice to join different factions of mythic creatures, where each have their own resource, and each focus on different mechanics. Some aim to improve the production of specific buildings, others to benefit from hiring assistants, or empower spell-casting capabilities.

realm grinderThe controls for the game are basic touch navigation, which ties into the interface. Some of the buttons feel a bit small on my iPhone 6, but it is manageable. The interface can slide
away so you can look at the picture of your realm, and the realm and interface change depending on if you are good or evil, as well as what faction you choose.

The sound is mostly forgettable,as in it does not play on my phone and I am not sure it even has and sound or music.


Overall it is a fun enough time waster with different options and goals to hold my interest for 5 or so minutes at a time over the last few months. Give it a try if you are interested in idle clicker type games.


Image Credits: Kongregate

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