Mr Six We hate this guy!

So there is that dancing guy from the six flags commercials. His name is Mr. Six and we hate him.

The guy tricks everyone in to thinking he is frail then the music starts playing and he dances around and makes happy faces.

Blah, dance to stupid music some where else.

You know why there are lines at theme parks like Six Flags and Disney Land?  It is not the population. They have ways to keep the line moving. It is because this guy invented them and demanded that parks implement them or he would destroy them,

Yea, this guy is some kind of immortal warlock with powers and contacts  that no God fearing person should have.

That is why he is dancing so much. He gets a dollar for every minute you have to wait in line and his dark masters give him that much more power.
He also gets power for every minute you keep thinking about that stupid song after the commercial is over. BEWARE!
He is also the reason the prices keep going up. They gotta pay this dancing ass all that line money.

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