nes classic

Do not expect an SNES Classic system anytime soon.

The SNES Classic is not happening anytime soon. I know many people who are disappointed by the discontinuation of the NES Classic mini system. It had great games at a low price and lower controller cable measurement. It was also oh so hackable to make it a solid retro game system and I  see people talking about the SNES Classic Mini system around the web. I say big dreams.

Nintendo still makes quite a bit of money selling individual games on the virtual console, so unless the thing is gonna be priced at 5 dollars per game on it, I doubt that it will be released. Plus unless it is all first party, that is more licensing and other fun they will have to deal with.

My prediction is as much pessimistic as it is optimistic. The NES Classic will be back this Christmas. It will probably be exactly the same (maybe different games or more?) with one exception. The USB power port will be replaced with something more proprietary.

This is a win-win for Nintendo. They see it bringing back something that was highly sought after back for the holidays, and now you can not hack it to add games to it. They don’t realize that a large part of the market draw WAS that it was hackable…. or then again, maybe they do and that is why they pulled it.
A pipe dream would be they re-release it with web-enabled options to buy more games but still locked down more to prevent the super easy hack the current system has.

Long and short of it is, I don’t think the SNES Mini system is something that will be released anytime soon.  I see the NES classic coming back with tweaks to make it harder to hack…and maybe a longer controller cord.

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