Persona 5

Persona 5, I hate to love you so

I like Persona 5 as a game. I like it a lot. A LOT. Not too much like some fans who can tell you the individual history of when this demon/shadow first appeared and in what Tensai game and all that, but I like it more than the average bear.
However, it makes me sad on a few levels, and all of them related to the company behind the game and their choices.  I know this is kind of a dead horse at this point, but it hit me again yesterday as I was about to stream just because I like to stream to mostly empty chat rooms and use up the interwebs before someone else does.

Atlus, Atlus, Atlus, going after streamers to protect a story that has been out for over a year? Pretty annoying. More annoying that when Dragonball Xenoverse cuts off stream for an “important plot point” AKA “Don’t steam our anime”.

It is bad enough that you block the game from easy ps4 streaming, you also declared war on people who use capture cards. Booo….

The second sadness in Persona 5 is the game’s cost of new costumes… 100 Dollars in costume DLC with no pack or discount rate deal.

I know there are plenty of megafans who are going to buy them all, and I admit I am on the fence about it as they trickle out and tricky you. What is 20 dollars every week or two right? It adds up. Yes, no one is twisting your arm or anything, but for a 100+ hour game, it is nice to play dress up to mix things up a bit.

Will this stop me from playing Persona 5? Not even close. Does it stop a few people I know who were going to play it? Yes. Does it make me a bit annoyed? Absolutely. Annoyed enough that I had to make a blog post about it, apparently so. Also, please Altus, don’t make angry faces at me for using the image. I promise to buy all the DLC!

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