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Game Log: Return to the Gnome Village

Having finished off the evil Dwarves, the team begins to make it’s way back to the Gnomes to report success and to rearm and rest. On they way, they encounter a stray Mind flayer but make quick work of it.black pudding

The black pudding they then find is a bit more trouble, dividing several times before the team finishes it off.

Later at night, while the team is resting, they hide from passing very young dragon and manage to remain unseen.

In the worm caves the party has to deal with another purple worm, but with their higher experience(and a large string of missed attacks on the part of the DM), the party quickly dispatches the worm.

Upon reaching the Gnomes, they are most greatful for the aid with the Evil Dwarves and Magic Itemsreward the party with a choice of magic items.

Adan: Leather Armor +1
Kathra: Axe of Returning
Cera: Ring of Protection +1
Omedon: Vibrant Purple Prism Ioun Stone
Gydian: +1 Shortbow
Althaea: Staff of Frost






In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Troy

XP Given: 8750
Notable Treasure: Rewards from the Gnomes

Dinner: Taco Time

Character status

Name Adan Kathra Cera Omedon Gydain Althaea
HP 50 55 45 49 47 32
Spells 4/3/3 4/3/3/2 2 4/2 4/3/2
Luck 2/1
Other BI 2  – SP 5
Hit Dice 7 9 7 8 8 6


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