Discord RP Time

We are running a Fantasy role-playing, narrative driven game over discord chat.
We have a basic set of rules for posting and action resolution for uncertain things.

Right now it is an evolving process.

RP Time Rules

RP Time Characters


The Story So Far
The party of adventurers sat in a one room cottage around a rough wooden table. A clay bowl sits in front of each member of the group, and a rustic fish stew is being ladled out from an iron pot by the host. She is a human woman who appears to be about 60 years old, her steel colored hair wrapped into a neat bun on the top of her head. Her simple brown dress covers a lean frame that moves with a steady and smooth directness.

She finishes spooning the stew into the bowl set in front of the empty seat at the head of the table and returns the pot to the hook hanging over the fire. The b takes the empty seat and motions to the others seated. “Eat, eat,” she says, her mature but attractive face breaks into a large smile. “Never let it said that Esmeralda was a poor host, especially to a group of people who rendered such a great aid to me. Your retrieval of the Stone of Mending for me will be of good use in my service as wise woman to the people in the town of Arda.”

She smiled coyly and continued, “Of course I am sure the 200 gold pieces in reward is what you are really looking forward towards.” She nodded to a small coffer on the table and said:” It is all in there.”

As the group ate the tasty soup making small talk about the region, a rising commotion could be heard approaching. As the din came close to the house, Esmeralda rose and went to the door muttering “What in the world could that be?”

She opened the sturdy wooden door to the cottage and outside stood twenty or so villagers. Several held rakes, shovels, and other farm implements as if they planned to use them as makeshift weapons. A large man in a green shirt and a sash that indicated he was Mayor of the local town spoke. “Esmeralda, you have been tried and found to consort with devils and we are here to demand you submit to the king’s justice quietly!”

Lylleth rose from the table where the assembled adventurers sat while donning a mask to adopt the visage of a fierce, growling bear. Leaving the cottage to stand next to Esmerelda, she questioned the assembled crowd in a loud, dangerous growl “What proof do you have of her consorting with these devils, and why was she not allowed to be present at her own trial?”

In the cottage, Morgan muttered quietly to his stew and took a sip with a strange reverence, meanwhile, Tharfaren looked from the activity at the door back to Morgan and said with anger in his voice “This bitch probably has been doing the devils work, this stew is probably poison, and now we are going to have to stop eating and fight these mother fuckers.”
The shook his head and sighed. ” You just watch. Five silver says I got to kill some of these broke ass bastards before the day is done”

Morgan stood up slowly from the table and brushed some spilled stew off his coat. He walked purposefully out the door into the warm afternoon sun, power almost seeming to crackle off of him. After pausing for a moment to enjoy the beautiful fall day, he looked to the assembled crowd who had grown quiet watching Morgan’s slightly strange actions.
Morgan took a calm breath and began addressing the group in a calm, pleasant tone. “Come now, ladies and gents. Surely this kind woman isn’t guilty of anything but providing good food, pleasant company, and great advice. I see quite a few people in this crowd who have benefited from her advice, including you, your honor.” Morgan shifted his eyes toward the mayor in a righteous, knowing manner. “Now, Lylleth brought up a fine, fine question, ‘what proof do you have…’ that Esmeralda is guilty of anything as sinister as consorting with devils? I think I would be the best judge of such things, yet no one sought my counsel, and surely no one gave Esmirelda the opportunity to defend her good name. It’s getting late and you kind folks must be tired. Why don’t you put out those torches, put down your weapons, and go get some rest.”
The crowd seemed taken aback by the appearance of armed individuals showing and coming to Esmerelda’s aid, and Morgans words shook the resolve of many. The mob began to mutter amongst itself with unsure tones. The mayor’s face took a resolute expression and he stepped forward
“No!” He said. “We will not allow sweet words and threats from strangers to shake our resolve. You healed my son when he was only seven years old, yes, and his personality change, his skin became pale and temperament angry. He grew to hate the sun and ate only raw meat. Eventually, he was found trying harm others and had to be jailed.”
He waved his hand around to the crowd and said “How many others have similar stories? How many others can attest that your wisdom and so call healing always comes with a price you do not mention?”
The mayor turned back to face Esmerelda. “We sent the Sherriff to deliver the notification of trial three months ago to you, and he reported you laughed and threw the summons back in his face. Shortly after, he developed a horrible rash that has not healed, and has lost sight in one of his eyes.”
The mayor drew himself up and pointed at the accused woman “No, none of your tricks or armed thugs will deter us. Your twisted half truths and wicked deeds are not wanted in our town any longer! The bane you bring far out weighs any benefit you claim to have!”
Most of the crowd is steeled by the mayor’s words. A few appear to have slinked off, but the group still remained at 15 people strong. They clenched their farm implements and stood defiantly waiting for Esmerelda or the adventures to respond or act.

Thafaren grumbled and stepped outside after hearing more shouting and stands directly behind Esermelda. Seeming to ignore the crowd and idly pick his teeth with a foot long knife, its razor sharp blade gleaming in the afternoon light. While the action seems casual, the crowd could feel the deadly threat that was being represented.
As the townsfolk tried to state their point under the deadly threat that was Thafaren, Lylleth slipped back into the cottage. She took a rock with runes carved in it out of her pouch, placed it on the cottage floor and began quietly chanting to it. Within moments, the rock began to glow, and twist into a nearly humanoid shape. As Lyyeth continued to commune with the spirit of the rock, the now fully humanoid figure began to increase in size, slowly at first, but then more rapidly.

Outside the cottage, the transfolk have grown more agitated. The mayor continued to demand Esmerelda come with them, and she continued to refuse. From somewhere in the small crowd, a torch was thrown over the heads of the accused woman and the adventures into the open doorway of the cottage. It burned only for a second before a large stone foot stepped on it.From out of the cottage strode a large, humanoid stone creature. It roared at the villagers and began walking menacingly towards them.
“The witch has conjured a monster!” one of the villagers yelled.
Esmerelda laughed. “That is no monster,” she said, “Just some basic conjuring.”
She raised her hands and chanted, her eyes glowed with a green light and green and black tendrils of power wrapped around the golem. It began to grow until it was over 12 feet tall.
“There is a monster for you,” She cackled to the crowd.
Turning to face the large stone construct she said, “Chase them off, would you?”
The monster roared and began chasing the now fleeing crowd to the sounds of Esmerelda’s gleeful laughter.