Rp Time Lylleth

Lylleth Stoneheart is a devout member of the Circle of the Forest living alone in the woods at age 27, the Mountain Dwarf is preparing for yet another life change. Lylleth was orphaned at age 11, losing both her parents in the blight wars against the trolls when they attacked her hometown. She left her village shortly after her parents passing, as her face had been horribly disfigured by the fire that destroyed her family’s home. She chose to spare herself the unwanted pity of her townsfolk and live off the land using the lessons her father taught her. 17 years later, she now spends her days working on new pieces of clothing made from items found in the forest and praying to the goddess of the forest, Nythandra. Lylleth’s favorite pastime is creating masks that mimic the appearance of her forest friends to use to cover her true face. Lylleth often changes these masks to best fit her mood so when she happens to encounter a hunter or wanderer they never truly understand what or who they saw. Through years of practice and diligence, she has learned that her prayers do have an effect on the environment around her as well as the animals she lives with. Lylleth has also refined her combat techniques with a quarterstaff as taught to her by her father over the years, often practicing with the neighborhood bear and lynx. Feeling ready to take on the world, Lylleth is preparing to venture into the world to help stop evil forces, which stole her childhood from her.