D&D Spell Review: Fireball

Fireball is a Dungeons and Dragons classic. It has changed a little bit in this new edition from the classic 2nd and 3rd edition, with a higher overall power at the start, but not scaling quite like 2nd and 3rd edition. (4th edition spells were strange, and I did not play to much 4th edition so I am not mentioning it, sorry!)
Is it worth it now?


Heck yea it is.

Lets look at how it works.
You point at a spot, a streak of light shoots out and burns everything at that spot and within 20 feet for 8d6 damage (dex save for half)
This is 3 more dices that you started with in 2nd and 3rd edition, nice right? But here is where it changes to be in line with the casting as higher level stuff in 5th Edition.
In 2nd and 3rd edition, it gained dice automatically. In 5th Edition if you want more dice, you have to cast it in a higher spell slot.
This does raise the maximum damage some though as well.
2/3rd Edition max 10d6
5th Edition max 14d6(when cast with a 9th level spell slot)

14d6! That is some “fire” power!


Final thoughts, TL;DR:
Fireball is awesome. It is a great area kill spell and does fantastic damage. Be careful of friends, pets, loved ones and flammable anything and you will do just fine with it.
Is it worth casting for 14d6 in a 9th level spell slot.. Probably not but thing of the boom!

Fireball Final Rating: A+ hell yea.

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