D&D Spell Review: Hex

Hex is a 1st level spell primarily associated with warlocks that has some fairly good combat applications, especially as it can help other casters with saving throws, and you can move it around.
What are the basics of the spell?
You place a curse on a creature you can see and while it is active, they take an extra 1d6 hex spelldamage from your attacks, and they are at a disadvantage on ability checks for one ability you name. If the monster you had the hex on dies, you can use a bonus action to put the hex on another creature.  The base duration is an hour, with higher casting levels making it last longer.

This spell has a number of applications. It can help take out a group faster with the extra damage of course, but you can also coordinate with another caster to help stack the odds in favor of a hard hitting spell passing the opponents save, or curse a rival performer to be disadvantaged on stage as skill checks are still ability checks.


Final thoughts, TL;DR: Hex is a great spell with some interesting application. It plays well as a combo and lasts for a long time.

Hex Final Rating: B+ A very good 1st level spell to pick up that keeps it’s usefulness at later levels even when cast as a 1st level spell.

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