Game Log: Strange statues, strange stones.

While the party continues to explore the strange partially carved caverns, they find a flooded area. As they wade through the water, they are attacked by some crystal slimes and the slimes manage to paralyze Kathra. The rest of the party manages to eliminate the slimes and Kathra recovers shortly afterwards.

The trail turns into a 4 way and the party chooses a path to follow. It leads to a place whereRoper the water is receded with a number of gems near the line of water and  a statue of a strange elf holding a pendant in the center of the room. While heading to the statue, the team is attacked by 2 more ropers.

Removing the ropers, they group takes a closer look at the statue it is not of any race of elf they are familiar with and the stone turns out to be a magical item called a Lifestone. Finding no other exit they turn to go back the way they came.

As they are leaving this room, the rouge stops to pick up a few of the gems and the party is beset by 2 more Xorn. The fight goes quickly, however and the Xorn are dispatched in short order.

The party continues to explore the other branches and eventually finds the way out of this area, but the exit is guarded by a particular kind of roper called a storoper with poison that charms it’s victims. The creature manages to infect the dwarven warrior, and she lands a good hit on the rouge before the spell is broken and the roper is defeated. After the fight, the party proceeds back into the normal, unworked area of the Underdark caves.




In Attendance: Brie, Greg, James, Stacy, Troy

XP Given: 2800 per character (1400for absent players)
Notable Treasure: Lifestone, Lots more Gems

Dinner: Tacos

Character status

Name Adan Kathra Cera Omedon Gydain Durgon
HP 40 36 13 40 28 18
Spells 4/2 4/3/3 0 3/2 3/1/1/1
Luck 1/0
Other Insp 1 Chnl 2
Hit Dice 5 6 6 7 7 7


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