Game Log: The story So far.

The party is formed to help a poor village deal with a group of bandit orcs that are terrorizing them.
The team starts with Kathra the mighty dwarven fighter, Gydian the sneaky halfling arcane Kelmarsh medieval villagetrickster, Omedon the mysterious warlock, Adan the lythe and strange wood elf ranger, and Cera the multi-talented bard.

As they journey to the village, they encounter a band of orcs that was headed to the village and save a young boy.
It is discovered from talking to the boy, the village has a high population of magic sensitive people, and the orcs kidnap anyone that shows any magical aptitude.

The party helps the town fight several small and large battles to defend the people, and finally decides to take the matter to the source and begin to track the orcs.

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