Journey to Un’Goro, Heathstone’s Newest Expansion. Wot I think.

un'goroThe latest hearthstone expansion and opening to the Year of the Mammoth, Journey to Un’Goro, is my favorite of the last three or so expansions, maybe ever. I could go on about the cards themselves, but this is more of an overview of the new stuff. I like, no, love quests, and I really like the adapt ability. That along with poisonous (already a thing they just gave it a name) make it some fun times, especially as I main a Hunter Deck.un'goro quest

The quest feature alone is a pretty big deal, as it gives rise to new deck considerations.Using one is not required by any means. I have some respectable decks that do not. However, it opens some fun and powerful options as well.

Adapt adds well… adaptability to the minions you play allowing some tailoring to best fit the current situation and that is a big time help and interesting variable for the game. It along with discover help you kind of have more cards in your deck than you really do in away, and that is pretty cool.

un'goro elementalAnother fun theme in Journey to Un’Goro is the elementals. Playing an elemental last turn
buffs an elemental this turn, elementals putting other elementals in your hand, tar elementals that taunt and get an attack bonus on your opponent’s turn. Lots of fun there as well.

The set is not all rainbows and roses. As has been talked about elsewhere, the set does have more legendaries and “chase” cards than previously, meaning you will need to spend more money and dust to get some of the best cards. This combined with the limited ability to get free packs that some other digital card games seem more likely to hand out will decidedly put some people off from this set. I had enough gold, dust and a preorder to make most of the decks I want to make so far, but I can see this as an issue.


So far I feel Journey to Un’Goro is the most fun expansion in the last three and can not wait to see what crazy strategies develop over the next few months.  For me, year of the Mammoth is starting off big and wooly. (that’s a good thing)

Image Credits: Blizard Entertainment and Hearthstone

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