We Hate Caitlyn Ricci

So maybe you have heard of this horrible person, maybe you have not.
Either way, she sued her parents for tuition money.
She is 21 and can get a job, and she sues her parents for money.

Caitlyn Ricci moved out of her mother’s home in early 2013 after she refused to follow her rules and moved in with her grandparents. This was after she was kicked out of another collage program that her parents paid for when she was caught under-age drinking.

She decided that her parents are required to pay for college and sued them. Oh, and won, so there is a Judge and lawyer we extra hate.


So this sets a legal precedent right?  Lets all sue our parents for other things like an Xbox One. So what if you are in your thirties, you need it to be a happy person in today’s society so your parents should pay for it.

Oh and a tv to play the xbox on, and a house to keep it in. And my power and internet bill..

I hope everyone remembers her with scorn the rest of her life so that she never gets a job or gets married. Is that worth the money now Caitlyn? You need to be backhanded by at least 5 people, hard, every day, for 5 years.

Yea this might be old news as it was late 2014 when this went down, but we have not updated in a while and had a backlog of loathing. Don’t like it, we don’t care. We hate you, remember?

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