Game Log: We have to deal with what?!

Thtwoheadedtrolle party continues to finish the last of the trolls, including a mighty 2 headed shaman.


They then return to the Gnomes who congratulate them, and offer healing and information.

The party can take one of 2 paths to the City. Either clearing a Grell nest, or a treacherous path with many pitfalls and dangers.

The team decides that once they drive off the Grell, they have an easy path back to the gnomes for aid.


The Gnomes as for one more favor, that the party take care of a settlement of Duro deep underground near the city. The Duro, or deep dwarves, are the Gnomes mortal enemy and cause much harm and suffering on their raids.

With that info, and armed with a basic map, the party is off.

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