tokyo jungle

Weirdsday: Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

In the not too distant future, mankind has vanished and their pets are left to fend for themselves in a city rapidly being reclaimed by nature. You as the brave house pet must find food, a place to sleep and a mate to continue the family line.

Welcome to the jungle, Tokyo Jungle.

tokyo jungle

Tokyo Jungle is a survival action game for the PlayStation 3. The game takes place in a deserted Tokyo where humans are gone and nature is taking back over. You start off as a Pomeranian, but as you play, you begin to unlock larger and more varied animals such as deer, tigers from the zoo, and even one of the last surviving humans. The animals had different food needs and goals to progress, keeping the game interesting. The overall layout is a 3dish sidescroller type, similar to beat ’em ups like Final Fight or Turtles in Time, but with a larger map and open world to explore.

The main gameplay has you progress through the animals, each with goals and tasks that unlock more animals down the line and there are about 80 different animals you can play. As you progress, you also slowly get information about how all the people vanished and why all the animals and other things were left behind.

While I understand the zoo being the source for some more exotic animals like the lions, it is a bit strange to unlock the dinosaurs. Not that it is not still loads of fun to play as one, just strange thematically. Just to be extra crazy, you can also collect clothes for your critters because why not?


tokyo jungle


The controls of the game are solid, fighting, jumping, sneaking, and running are all easy to pull off. The user interface works well and the map is understandable enough to navigate, and information on the screen is well presented.

tokyo jungle

The art and sound in the game are both pretty good. The animals are clear and cool looking, and the city looks great with nature taking over. The animals sound distinctive and the audio on actions and things is appropriate. The music is a bit forgettable to me, but it is not distracting either which is good.



Overall I have a good time whenever I boot this game up. The animals play different depending on what you pick, and there are plenty of goals and things to do for each animal. A pretty fun game that I would welcome a remake/sequel to on the PS4.

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